Mission & History

Our Truths is the first and only bilingual abortion magazine published in the United States. It was founded to change the way people understand the experience of abortion. Our goal is to transform the divisive social climate that surrounds abortion by creating a public space for women to share their stories.

Our Truths is a judgment-free zone!

A public education project of Exhale, the magazine is printed twice a year, in English and Spanish, and distributed to Exhale’s donors, partners, and allies. It’s available for individual and bulk purchase, and it’s free to download online.

The magazine began as a grassroots project, founded by Emily Louise Barcklow in 2004 in Mexico City. It was produced by a network of advocates and activists throughout the United States and Mexico until 2006, when Exhale gave it a permanent home. Our Truths is now a vital component of Exhale’s work to increase understanding, awareness, and acceptance of each person’s unique experience with abortion.


Editor and Publisher: Aspen Baker
Editorial Board: Emily Louise Barcklow, Jennifer Baumgardner, Katina Paron, Patricia Justine Tumang, Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, Andi Zeisler


Send all editorial, business, and production correspondence to:

Our Truths-Nuestras Verdades
c/o Exhale
484 Lake Park Avenue #63
Oakland, CA 94610